Richmond, VA – In recent weeks, George Allen has refused to stand up for Virginia women and has instead sided with Republicans in Richmond and Washington, D.C. who have repeatedly attempted to restrict women’s rights to make their own health care choices.  Today, George Allen told Virginians he’d support legislation that could jeopardize women’s access to contraception and life-saving preventive health care.

“George Allen has proactively supported measures that could limit women’s access to contraception as well as critical preventive services like cancer screenings," said Kaine for Virginia Communications Director Brandi Hoffine.  "Whether or not he talks about it on the campaign trail – and we can see why he would want to downplay his support for these measures – Allen has made it clear that he’d be a vote to repeal decades of progress on women’s health care if he's reelected.

“Supporting divisive legislation that could deny access to contraception won’t put a single American back to work, won’t reduce our deficit, and won’t make our economy more globally competitive.  In fact, it does exactly the opposite.  Fortunately for Virginia voters, Tim Kaine has a record of rejecting divisive social battles and instead finding common ground on the types of policies that made Virginia Forbes' Best State for Business all four years of his term as Governor. That's the kind of leadership he'd bring to the U.S. Senate."

George Allen Supports Federal Personhood Legislation, And Endorsed Virginia’s Personhood Bill Which Did Not Include Language Protecting Access to Contraception

Allen Said He Supported The Personhood Legislation Passed By Virginia’s House Of Delegates And Would Push For Similar Legislation In The U.S. Senate.In an interview on WLNI’s Brian and Mari Show, Allen was asked: “The Virginia House of Delegates has passed the so-called fetal personhood bill that defines life as beginning at conception. You said that you support this measure. Would you push for the same kind of measure in the U.S. Senate?” Allen responded: “Well, I think that human life does begin at conception and I think that we ought to have policies that try to protect innocent unborn life – one of the more - yes and I would at the federal level as well for national policy.” [WLNI, The Brian and Mari Show, 2/15/12]

Real Clear Politics: “Allen Said He Would Support A Federal Version Of The [Personhood] Measure As Well.” Real Clear Politics reported, “Allen supports the [personhood] measure. ‘My commitment to protecting innocent human life is firm,’ he said in a statement. ‘I believe that life begins at conception and support legislation declaring the personhood of every individual life.’ In a radio interview this week, Allen said he would support a federal version of the measure as well.” [Real Clear Politics, 2/18/12]

George Allen Supports Blunt Amendment That Could Prevent Women From Accessing Contraception And Life-Saving Preventive Health Care

Washington Post: “George Allen Backs ‘Blunt Amendment’ On Health Coverage.” The Washington Post’s “Virginia Politics” blog reported, “The contraception coverage legislation that divided the Senate Thursday also split the candidates in Virginia’s marquee U.S. Senate race, as former governors Timothy M. Kaine and George Allen came down on opposite sides of the issue. The Senate voted 51 to 48 to table an amendment, sponsored by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), that would have rolled back the Obama administration’s health coverage rule by allowing insurance companies and employers to opt out of covering prescriptions, such as contraceptions, or procedures they object to on religious or moral grounds. . . . Allen supports the Blunt amendment, campaign spokeswoman Katie Wright said…” [Washington Post, “Virginia Politics” Blog, 3/1/12]
George Allen Has Refused To Speak Out Against Unnecessary Ultrasound Legislation in Virginia

The Hill: “George Allen Refuses To Take Position On Va. Abortion Bill.” The Hill reported, “Former Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) has refused to take a position on the controversial bill working its way through the Virginia statehouse that would require women to have an ultrasound before they could have an abortion… While Allen came out in favor of another bill, now deferred until next year, that would redefine ‘personhood’ as beginning at fertilization in the state, he has carefully avoided taking a position on the ultrasound bill. ‘We're not going to take a position on every bill moving through the General Assembly,’ said Allen spokesperson Katie Wright when asked about his stance Monday.” [The Hill, Ballot Box Blog, 2/27/12]
Politico: “Allen’s Team Stayed Silent On A Bill Requiring A Woman To Submit To An Ultrasound Before Having An Abortion.”[Politico, 3/1/12]