Richmond, VA - Today, former governor and U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine visited the Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce in Hampton and the Child Development Resources Center in Williamsburg to discuss his economic vision and education agenda. Throughout the day, Kaine shared his strategies to strengthen the economy, create jobs, and develop the world’s most talented workforce.
"We have to make a lot of tough budget decisions, but if you're making all cuts you're making a mistake,” said Kaine. “We must take a balanced approach to the fiscal challenges we face that will protect investments in defense, infrastructure, and education while reducing our deficit."
Before opening the floor to questions from members, Kaine addressed the Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce and outlined his Virginia-based approach to create the world’s most talented workforce, level the playing field for small businesses, and increase their access to capital. As governor, Kaine’s focus on the Commonwealth’s workforce helped attract significant investments from businesses including Canon and Continental AG in Newport News, Orbital Sciences on the Eastern Shore, and the new Rolls Royce facility in Prince George. Under Kaine, Virginia was recognized as Forbes’ “Best State for Business” four years in a row.

"There are strategies we can pursue right now that will level the playing field for small businesses and allow them to make new hires,” said Kaine. “We can't continue to have a tax code that forces small businesses to rely on a team of lobbyists to navigate."
Later, Kaine held a roundtable with employees and board members of Child Development Resources (CDR) in Williamsburg. During Kaine’s time as governor, pre-K enrollment expanded by 40% and the Commonwealth made significant investments in early childhood education, including a $1.2 million contract awarded to the CDR by the Virginia Department of Social Services in 2007. As senator, Kaine will make early childhood education a priority and increase its effectiveness and efficiency by streamlining the federal bureaucracy in order to serve the greatest number of children and prepare them for a lifetime of success.  
"Early childhood education is so important to developing a talented workforce that can compete in the global economy,” Kaine said. “Economists have continually concluded that it's one of the most strategic investments we can make to grow the economy. Those are the kinds of resources we need to make available to programs that promote excellence."
At both events, Kaine contrasted his balanced approach to education, the economy, and fiscal issues with that of his opponent, George Allen. During Allen’s time in the Senate, he voted to preserve tax breaks for big oil companies at the expense of education funding, voted four times to raise the debt ceiling without corresponding spending cuts, and helped add $3 trillion to the national debt.
Since the beginning of the year, Kaine has held more than 70 economic roundtable discussions around the Commonwealth with business and community leaders to share his strategies to create jobs and strengthen the economy.