Richmond, VA - Today, Kaine for Virginia announced that over the course of the campaign, an unprecedented 50,236 donors have supported Tim Kaine’s candidacy for U.S. Senate. More than two-thirds of the campaign's donors are Virginia donors and over 70 percent have contributed less than $200 in total donations to the campaign. Over the last month, 10,000 new supporters have joined the campaign. Support from these donors have enabled Kaine to combat the more than $21.5 million in outside money that has been spent against his candidacy.

“I’ve always believed the power of grassroots donors would trump unlimited, secret out-of-state checks and I remain humbled by the outpouring of support for our positive message as we enter the final days of this campaign,” said Kaine. “The one-on-one conversations that I and thousands of our volunteers have had across the Commonwealth, and the donations of all sizes from those who believe we can find common ground to create jobs and balance the budget, will be what carries us across the finish line on Tuesday.”