Richmond, VA - Today, Senator-elect Tim Kaine announced members of his transition team that will begin the process of establishing his U.S. Senate office.

Mike Henry, Chief of Staff: Mike Henry most recently served as the Campaign Manager for Kaine’s campaign for U.S. Senate. Henry, a veteran of Virginia politics, previously managed Kaine’s gubernatorial campaign in 2005 and U.S. Senator Mark Warner’s 2008 campaign for Senate.  Mike has also worked in a number of policy roles, serving as a representative conducting case work for former U.S. Senator Chuck Robb and, more recently, as the Senior Director for U.S. Field Operations at the ONE campaign where he focused on strategies to alleviate global poverty.  

Jillian Martin, Transition Director: Jillian Martin most recently served as the Policy Director for Kaine’s campaign for U.S. Senate. Martin has extensive experience on Capitol Hill, having previously served on the staffs of U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal and Robert Byrd, and U.S. Representative Dan Maffei.

Marc Cheatham, Transition Scheduler: Marc Cheatham most recently served as the Scheduling Director for Kaine's campaign for U.S. Senate. Cheatham is a long-time member of Senator-elect Kaine's staff, serving as his executive aide at the Democratic National Committee and as Director of Constituent Services and Senior Assistant to the Governor for Policy in Kaine's administration.  Cheatham first began working for Kaine during Kaine's term as Lt. Governor after serving as a U.S. Marine Corps sergeant. 

“I am thrilled this team has agreed to assist me as we set up a Senate office that will serve all Virginians. Their expertise will be invaluable during this process,” said Kaine. “Mike has been a trusted member of my staff and advisor for years and I am excited he’s agreed to continue to serve the Commonwealth in this new role. I am additionally grateful Jillian and Marc have stepped in to lend their expertise to ensure a seamless transition as we set up offices in Washington and Virginia.”

Additional transition announcements will be made in the coming weeks.


Tim Kaine for U.S. Senate


Richmond, VA - Senator-elect Timothy M. Kaine today congratulated Rolls-Royce on the expansion of their operations in Prince George County, investing $136 million to create their Advanced Airfoil Machining Facility and adding 140 jobs at their Crosspointe campus. As governor, Kaine recruited Rolls-Royce to make their initial investment in Virginia, locating their state-of-the-art aeroengine facility in Prince George, creating more than 500 jobs at the high-tech manufacturer.

"The success of Rolls-Royce in Virginia and today’s expansion announcement are powerful reminders that a well-educated and highly-skilled workforce, coupled with world-class infrastructure, leads to economic success,” said Kaine. “Our incredible network of higher education institutions, including the Virginia Community College System, and infrastructure assets like the Port of Virginia were critical in recruiting Rolls-Royce to Virginia in 2007. This is great news for the Commonwealth and shows that manufacturing has a bright future in America. As senator, I will fight for investments in our workforce and our infrastructure that will continue to ensure our global competitiveness.”

In 2007, then-governor Kaine announced that Rolls-Royce planned to build a state-of-the-art aeroengine facility in Prince George County, investing $100 million initially with options to invest up to $500 million to support future advanced manufacturing projects. Virginia won the project after competition with several other states and international sites.


Tim Kaine for U.S. Senate

Tim Kaine Statement on Brian Moran’s Service As Virginia Democratic Party Chairman

Richmond, VA - In response to today's annoucement that Brian Moran will step down as Chairman of the Virginia Democratic Party, Senator-elect Tim Kaine released the following statement:

"I am immensely proud of the leadership Brian has provided our party over the last two years. His commitment to engagement in all corners of the Commonwealth has made the party stronger and expanded our capacity to achieve success in every region of Virginia. Under Brian's leadership, the Democratic coordinated field effort this year exemplified the best of grassroots campaigning and will serve as a template for future campaigns.

"I am enormously grateful to Brian and his wife Karyn for their service to the Commonwealth and the Democratic Party.  Anne and I wish Brian the best in his future endeavors and know he still has many years of dedicated service to our Commonwealth to come."


Tim Kaine for U.S. Senate


Richmond, VA - Senator-elect Tim Kaine released the following statement marking Veterans Day:

"Today, Anne and I join all Virginians in honoring our veterans. Their daily sacrifices over the generations have secured and maintained our freedom. We owe them gratitude and a focused effort to make sure that their patriotic service is reciprocated with appropriate care and support. It has been my honor to champion veterans initiatives as Governor, and I will do the same as Virginia's next U.S. Senator."


Tim Kaine for U.S. Senate


Richmond Times-Dispatch:  "Kaine echoed promises he made on the trail to reach across the aisle, build bridges and break gridlock"

Virginian-Pilot: "[N]ewly minted U.S. Sen.-elect Tim Kaine on Wednesday pledged to find common ground with his new Washington colleagues on the nation's fiscal and policy challenges"

Washington Post Headline: "Kaine Vows Bipartisanship"

Free Lance-Star: "Virginia’s new U.S. senator-elect, Tim Kaine, said his first priority will be working to find bipartisan compromise on looming fiscal problems."


Richmond Times-Dispatch: On the heels of his victory over George Allen, Kaine said Wednesday that his first order of business — even before taking office in January — would be to lobby for meaningful, long-term solutions to the nation's debt and deficit issues.

Richmond Times-Dispatch: At a news conference at his Richmond campaign office, Kaine echoed promises he made on the trail to reach across the aisle, build bridges and break gridlock...Kaine added that he hopes to continue retiring Sen. Jim Webb's work on military issues and sit on the Armed Services Committee. He said he plans to have a close working relationship with Sen. Mark R. Warner, D-Va., his soon-to-be colleague.

Virginian-Pilot: With a hard-fought election behind him, newly minted U.S. Sen.-elect Tim Kaine on Wednesday pledged to find common ground with his new Washington colleagues on the nation's fiscal and policy challenges. A top priority is addressing the looming "fiscal cliff" - a combination of expiring tax breaks and deep cuts to federal domestic and defense spending set to take effect Jan. 2, before Kaine takes office.

Virginian-Pilot: Kaine said the election results affirm that once-reliably Republican Virginia is a true swing state. Referencing the millions in third-party spending against him, Kaine said the election victory is a triumph for "grassroots, person-to-person politics" over the influence of outside money. He also expressed optimism that the dysfunction that's hampered Congress will dissipate and said he will look for a freshman Republican senator to partner with.

Washington Post: Timothy M. Kaine said he plans to take his record of compromise to Washington as Virginia’s junior senator. “The key for us in public office is to read the message from the electorate,” Kaine told reporters at a briefing Wednesday, the day after he beat former governor George Allen in one of the country’s most watched Senate contests. “They want cooperative government. They are telling us over and over and over again they want us to work together.” Kaine said that over the coming days he plans to reach out to other freshmen headed to Congress to find common ground and begin to address the gridlock that has stagnated and vilified Washington.

NBC Washington: Sen.-Elect Tim Kaine urged Republicans and Democrats to work together and build consensus, a day after he defeated George Allen for a crucial Virginia Senate seat. During a Wednesday afternoon press conference, Kaine stressed the need to find a solution to to the government's financial woes before the end of 2012. "I think there is a huge opportunity that has to be seized in Congress between now and the end of the year, to find a path forward so that we can avoid some of the catastrophic consequences of either deep sequestration cuts or willy-nilly expiration of all the Bush tax cuts," he said.

NBC Washington: While Kaine won't take office until January, he said he'll continue to advocate for bipartisanship, and that he had tried to remain positive and focused on Virginia's future during a bruising campaign. Voters "saw the targeting; they saw the negative ads but they wanted to embrace a positive message," Kaine said. During his term, he said, will focus on building infrastructure, elevating small businesses, and "making America the most talented place on earth."

Free Lance-Star: Virginia’s new U.S. senator-elect, Tim Kaine, said his first priority will be working to find bipartisan compromise on looming fiscal problems.

Free Lance-Star: At a Wednesday press conference in Richmond, Kaine—who beat Republican George Allen in the race Tuesday—said that while he won’t be in office until January, he hopes to encourage a lame-duck Congress to work to avert those upcoming budget cuts and tax increases. Kaine said he wants “to be part of a solution team” to get the nation’s “fiscal house in order.” “I’m going to continue to advocate a basic set of compromises,” Kaine said. Allowing the sequestration cuts and the tax-cut expirations to go forward, he said “would send a very bad signal” about Congress’ ability to work together and to repair the economy. Kaine made bipartisanship and compromise a centerpiece of his campaign and said the election results mean that the electorate wants lawmakers to find common ground.

http://www.myfoxdc.com/story/20034973/tim-kaine-divided-congress-makes-deal-making-a-must#ixzz2Be1mwNWI" style="color: #336699;font-weight: normal;text-decoration: underline;" target="_blank">Associated Press: Sen.-elect Tim Kaine of Virginia says he believes Democrats and Republicans in Congress will come together to avoid the "fiscal cliff" threatening the country at year's end. Kaine, the former governor of Virginia who defeated Republican George Allen, tells NBC's "Today" show that voters sent a message to Washington demanding "cooperative government." But he also says the election results show that the public doesn't want "all the levers in one party's hands" on Capitol Hill.

WINA RadioLawmakers need to work together on fiscal cliff negotiations.  That's according to Senator-elect Tim Kaine, who says says lawmakers will have to put Americans first. Kaine says he thinks voters are forcing Washington to work together by electing a Democratic Senate and Republican House.

WSLS Roanoke: After a night of celebrating his victory over Republican George Allen, newly elected Virginia Senator Tim Kaine was ready to move past the election and get to work..He focused on his plans for the Senate including the looming a fiscal cliff, which Kaine calls a top priority even though the issue must be resolved before he's sworn into office in January. "I think the opportunity is a strong one that if Congress can find before year's end a way to avoid sequestration cuts that it can also be a springboard into the bigger picture about getting out fiscal house in order," Kaine said. That bigger picture is what Kaine hopes will help create an atmosphere of compromise in Washington once again.

WSLS Roanoke: Tim Kaine said he plans to add his voice to a "Common Ground Caucus" when he heads to the U.S. Senate...Kaine stressed multiple times his intent to work with Republicans, independents, and Democrats, and that he feels the American people sent a message to leaders in Washington.  That message, they want the government to work together, even though the seats of power are divided in Washington.


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