Richmond, VA - In response to the President's speech to Congress, Governor Tim Kaine released the following statement:

“President Obama offered a series of strong, bipartisan solutions designed to spur hiring and job growth without adding to the deficit. I agree that in order to jump-start the economy, we must lower taxes for small business, invest in infrastructure projects and put more money back in working families’ pockets by extending the payroll tax cut. I applaud his approach to short-term job growth and look forward to reviewing the legislation.

“While these initiatives will help put people back to work, Congress must also address the challenge of long-term economic growth and stability. As Governor of Virginia, I invested in education and work force development initiatives that helped improve opportunities for our citizens and attract new business to Virginia. These investments at the federal level would ensure that our workers could compete for the jobs of tomorrow with nations like China and India. In order to free-up revenue for these critical investments, Congress should employ a balanced approach to fiscal responsibility and job creation that emphasizes a combination of budget cuts and new revenues by rolling back tax breaks for corporations who don't need them and the wealthiest Americans.

"By balancing investments in our long-term economic stability with short-term job growth measures like the President proposed tonight, we can ensure sustainable job growth for generations to come.”