Richmond, VA - Former governor and U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine continued his campaign closing tour of the Commonwealth today by rallying grassroots support at stops in Richmond, Fredericksburg, Falls Church, and Prince William County.  Leading the final surge toward Election Day, Kaine urged volunteers to continue sharing with Virginia voters his positive vision for creating jobs and economic growth, balancing the budget responsibly, and breaking the partisan gridlock in Washington.  At each stop, Kaine contrasted his record of bringing people together to get things done for Virginia with George Allen's pattern of partisanship and fiscal irresponsibility.

“Everywhere I’ve gone on this campaign, Virginians want to know how I plan to strengthen the economy and create jobs, how we can fix our budget, and how we break through the partisan gridlock in Washington and find common ground,” said Kaine, kicking off a Richmond area canvass. “My strategy is to level the playing field for small and startup businesses and make the investments in brainpower, workforce development, and infrastructure that will create jobs immediately and keep us competitive in the 21st century economy. We’ve got to take a balanced approach to solving our deficit so we protect priorities like education and Medicare and can make investments to grow the economy. And we’ve got to put more people in Washington with a demonstrated track record of working across lines of division to get results.”

At his next stop in Fredericksburg, Kaine thanked volunteers and highlighted how they hold the power to determine outcome of the election.

“The other side thinks they can just write big enough checks and run enough negative ads to make all the grassroots work and energy irrelevant,” said Kaine. “I still believe in the power of the grassroots that has defined American politics. In a close election like this, every phone call and every door knock and every conversation could be the one that makes the difference.”

Kaine carried his positive bipartisan jobs message and people-powered momentum forward to Falls Church, where he spoke to more than 125 volunteers at the local OFA office and held a rally with more than 100 members and friends of the Latino community at Rubio's Palenque Restaurant.  There again, Kaine shared how his history of public service and record of bringing people together to solve problems will enable him to be a successful United States Senator who works to ensure all Virginians have good educational and economic opportunities.

"The things that matter to Latinos are the same things that matter to all Virginians - a strong economy, good schools, and expanded opportunity in all our communities,” said Kaine. “I would be honored to represent your community again as senator and won't hesitate to stand up for the issues you care about and ensure we embrace the talent of all Virginians to move our Commonwealth and country forward."

Later this evening, Kaine will join President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton for a grassroots rally at Jiffy Lube Live pavilion in Prince William County. Tomorrow, Kaine will attend services at three Virginia churches, and join supporters from the Asian American and Pacific Islander community for another Get-Out-The-Vote rally. As part of his closing campaign tour, he previously held events with Senator Mark Warner in Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Roanoke, Wise, Bristol, Martinsville, Danville, and Emporia.