Kaine asks Allen for deal on disclosure of ‘secret money’

By Ben Pershing

The Washington Post

The day after news broke that a new super PAC will be aiding the Senate campaign of George Allen (R), Timothy M. Kaine (D) is proposing that the two foes strike an agreement to force outside groups spending money on their race to disclose their donors.

Allen and Kaine are their parties’ likely nominees in the contest to succeed retiring Sen. James Webb (D), in what is widely predicted to be one of the closest — and most expensive — races in the country. With the Independence Virginia PAC gearing up to help Allen and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Crossroads GPS already having weighed in for him, Kaine is hoping to strike a deal on disclosure.

During their debate in December, Kaine suggested that the two candidates call on super PACs and outside groups to stay out of the race, an idea Allen dismissed.