In his haste to shill for oil companies, Allen takes contradictory positions on key energy issues

Richmond, VA - In his haste to shill for his oil company allies, George Allen continues to advocate for approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline despite applying the exact opposite standard to another key energy issue of our day: uranium mining.

On the one hand, Allen has called for the administration to hurry up and approve the pipeline.  On the other, Allen has refused to take a position on uranium mining, saying that he would wait to analyze the results of a National Academy of Sciences study, adding that “while jobs are important, so is public health and safety.”

A Richmond Times Dispatch editorial today points out the inherent contradiction from Republicans like George Allen who call for further study and analysis on uranium mining, while hypocritically criticizing the President for taking the same approach to the Keystone decision. 

“Virginians want a Senator who will make decisions based on the facts, not on reflexive partisanship and their personal political prospects,” said Kaine for Virginia Communications Director Brandi Hoffine. “George Allen had the chance to prove that he’d be an independent voice for the Commonwealth and the nation and instead he’s proven that, if reelected to the U.S. Senate, he’ll continue to be a rubber stamp for oil companies who do not need his help to turn a profit.”  

In a recent radio interview, Allen even admitted that there were significant environmental risks with the current Keystone Pipeline route.  Despite acknowledging those risks, Allen is still calling for the administration to approve the project. In his rush to do the oil companies’ bidding, Allen’s even been willing to trample the rights of the affected states by calling for approval before the states completed their reviews.


December 2011: Allen Declined To Take A Position On Uranium Mining, Said Lawmakers Should Carefully Analyze NAS Report. The Danville Register & Bee reported, “On Wednesday, the former Virginia governor [Allen] sat down with the Danville Register & Bee. . . . While Allen’s blueprint encourages increasing domestic energy production, he hasn’t taken a stance on uranium mining in Virginia, and said he is waiting to read the National Academy of Sciences uranium report due soon. While it’s up to the General Assembly to decide whether to lift the state’s 30-year moratorium, he advises state lawmakers to analyze the NAS report carefully as they need to make a ‘serious monumental decision.’ While jobs are important, so is public health and safety, he said.”[Danville Register & Bee, 12/14/11]

January 2012: Allen Said Original Keystone Pipeline Route Posed Environmental Threat And Needed To Be Modified.  In a radio interview on WLEE 990, Allen said, “I think they want to move it [the Keystone pipeline] away from the Sandhills -- it’s an environmental area you want to protect.” [WLEE 990, 1/19/12]