Richmond, VA - During an interview on a Lynchburg radio station this morning, George Allen was reminded by the host of his fiscally reckless record in the U.S. Senate.  “When you were in Congress, that was not exactly a thrifty bunch up there in DC,” said the host. George Allen’s response? “I’ve always been fighting the spending in Washington.”



That message doesn't pass the laugh test coming from the former Senator whose term in Washington included votes for bloated spending that helped turn a record surplus to a massive deficit, added more than $3 trillion to the national debt without corresponding spending cuts, and brought our economy to near collapse.

Unfortunately for Allen, he can’t hide from his votes as Senator like voting four times to increase his own pay, even as our country fell further into the red, and supporting more than 52,000 earmarks.

If that’s what George Allen considers “fighting the spending in Washington,” we’d hate to see what another term would look like.

There’s only one candidate in this race with an actual record of cutting more than $5 billion in state spending to balance the Commonwealth’s budget, and that’s Tim Kaine. Virginians are tired of the say one thing, do another politicians in Washington who got us into this fiscal mess. We can’t afford six more years of George Allen.


Allen Took America's Largest Budget Surplus And Turned It Into A Massive Federal Deficit. The Washington Post reported, “When Bush took office in January 2001, the government was forecasting a $5.6 trillion budget surplus between then and 2011.” As CNN put it:“[T]he federal budget surplus for fiscal year 2000 amounted to at least $230 billion, making it the largest in U.S. history.”  The Washington Post continued, “Instead, it is now expecting to accumulate an extra $3 trillion in debt -- including a record $415 billion in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30.” [CNN, 9/27/2000; Washington Post, 10/8/04] 
As Senator, Allen Voted For Every Single Appropriations Bill That Came Up, Adding Over $3 Trillion To The National Debt. PolitiFact Virginia wrote, “Under the budgets approved during Allen’s term, debt climbed by $3.202 trillion. Congress sets budgets through a series of appropriations bills, and Allen supported all of the roughly four dozen bills to hit the Senate floor during his term. . . . Radtke said debt increased by $3 trillion during Allen’s Senate term, a figure equal to $16,000 per second. The actual figures were $3.202 trillion, or $16,896.68 per second.”  [Richmond Times-Dispatch, “PolitiFact Virginia,”4/15/11]
Allen Voted for Every Deficit-Growing, Budget-Busting Bush Budget. [Vote 74, 3/16/06; Vote 363, 12/21/05; Vote 114, 4/28/05;  Vote 58, 3/12/04;  Vote 134,4/11/03; Vote 98, 5/10/01; Vote 86, 4/6/01]
Four Times, Allen Voted To Give Himself A Pay Raise.  Since 2001, Allen has voted to give himself a pay raise at least four times. [Vote 406, 10/23/03; Vote 410, 10/23/03; AP, 10/23/03; Vote 242, 11/13/02; AP, 11/13/02; Vote 360,12/7/01]
Allen Voted to Raise the Debt Limit Four Times. [Vote 148, 6/11/02; Vote 202, 5/23/03; Vote 213, 11/17/04; Vote 54, 3/16/06]