Make Calls for Kaine!

Thank you for helping make phone calls on behalf of Tim Kaine’s campaign! You are part of a statewide grassroots effort that will help spread Tim’s message across the Commonwealth.

Your goal is to talk with voters and to tell them why you are working on behalf of Tim Kaine and why they should vote for him. We are grateful for your help, and look forward to working with you throughout this campaign season. 

To get started, there are just a few quick steps:

First, read through the following instructions.  Then click the link at the bottom of the page, and our Volunteer Coordinator, Megan, will contact you with further instructions.  In no time, you'll be making calls and helping to spread Tim's message around the Commonwealth!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Megan for help at any time at: (804) 359-7117.

Guide to coding your conversations:
Code as a 1 if the voter supports Tim Kaine and plans to vote for him.
Example: “I think Tim Kaine is the best choice for Virginia, and I’ll definitely be voting for him!”

Code as a 2 if the voter is leaning towards supporting Tim Kaine.
Example: “He’ll probably get my vote.”

Code as a 3 if the voter is undecided.
Example: “I don’t know yet/I just haven’t decided/I haven’t even thought about it yet.”

Code as a 3L if the voter is undecided, but leaning toward Tim Kaine.
Example “I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I do like Tim Kaine’s vision for economic growth.”

Code as a 4 if the voter is leaning toward supporting another candidate.

Code as a 5 if the voter is definitely voting for another candidate, or is not a Tim Kaine supporter.

Click here to start making calls!